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Our school (CAFFE) and girls in STEM

Girls and boys coding Arduino boards at CAFFE
What’s the secret to encouraging more girls to study STEM subjects? I have no magic solution but I can say that at our school (CAFFE) over 60% of the students are female. We haven’t carried out any in depth, serious research into this so I can only speak from personal experience.
I grew up playing (and making) computer games, firstly with a Commodore 64 and later with an Amiga. There was very little computer education in school and when there was, it was often at a very basic level. I remember trying to write an English essay with one of these old word processor machines -it looked a bit like this:
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It was so awkward that I vowed I would never use a computer to type an essay ever again! For me, computers were about games and fun, not work.
Lots of kids talked about playing computer games at my school but I don’t rem…