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STEM education for all

Bring STEM to your classroom (Microsoft Education) When the idea for SwopBots first came about, our mission was to reach those children who were not already passionate about coding and engineering. We made SwopBots for children who had not yet found success with other coding products. We especially wanted to appeal to girls and to children from minority backgrounds. The reason the SwopBots story is so important to us is to grab the attention of children who are more comfortable with a book than a laptop. Our goal is to capture their imaginations and let them know that computing might be worth a second look, not because we think everyone should be a developer or engineer but because everyone can benefit from the kinds of skills that come along with a little knowledge of how computers work. Logical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, trial and error, correcting mistakes and team work are not only important to engineers, they are skills that are of benefit to everyone. To

Ruby's Reaction Game

Ruby's Reaction Game Instructions Play the game on the Scratch Website A simple little game to test reaction speeds. Ruby is searching for violum. Press the SPACE BAR when she is over the violum. Be careful, she only has a limited amount of fuel. This project practices the Broadcast function as well as variables, loops and collision detection.

Simple Spaceship Game (beginner)

Try the game here : Download PDF Instructions A simple spaceship game where the player needs to move left and right to avoid oncoming planets. Practices basic skills such as moving objects on the x and y axis as well as loops, collision detection and timing. Features opportunities to extend the game by making it two player or by changing the variables which control the speed of sprites.